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  • Business and Professional outreach

    CBMC Cambodia Update

    Business and Professional Outreach On January 10, 2015 we organized business and professional outreach. There are about 55 people came for the program. Thank God for Gymea Church from Australia who sponsor this event. Mr. Chris Neilson share testimony and Mr. John Cox, the policeman from Australi ...

  • dont-be-proud-of-busyness

    Don't Be Proud of Your Busyness

    Picture this. You walk into a corporate office, a maze of cubicles and conference rooms. In the middle of a Tuesday afternoon, the cubicles are full of gravely serious employees, staring at balance sheets and engaged in low-toned telephone conversations. Their shoulders slump under a burden of worry ...

  • The Economist - What is driving the advance of evangelical Protestantism in Latin America?

    What is driving the advance of evangelical Protestantism in Latin America?

    IT IS the Day of the Dead in Malinalco, a small Mexican town. In its grand 16th century church a sprinkling of worshippers gathers to hear Mass. The cemetery across the main road is thronged with families bringing flowers and other offerings to leave at the graves of their departed relatives in a ...

  • image1

    New CBMC in Machala, Ecuador

    We praise the Lord for opening new doors in Ecuador! Julio Acuna conducts the first meeting of the new committee of CBMC in Machala Ecuador. The day following this meeting God blessed us as he allowed 25 pastors to meet for a presentation of the ministry. Julio continued his travels to Lima, Peru ...

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Economics of Good and EvilEconomics Of Good And Evil -
Tomas Sedlacek

In addition to his economics expertise and policy experience, Tomáš is a practicing marketplace Christian who is not afraid to challenge public thinking about economic and social government policy. He wrote this book "to show that there is a much broader and fascinating story of economics than its mathematical perception."


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