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    Christianity in China

    The rapid spread of Christianity is forcing an official rethink on religion THE coastal city of Wenzhou is sometimes called China’s Jerusalem. Ringed by mountains and far from the capital, Beijing, it has long been a haven for a religion that China’s Communist leaders view with deep unease: Christi ...

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    Why the Bible Is the Best Business Book I've Ever Read

    In my professional life, I've found that the best lessons, whether they're spiritual or related to business, have come from scripture. I want to say upfront that I believe in God and that there is design to the world and the people in it. For those of you who don't believe this, I am asking you to ...

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    Three Kinds Of First Impressions Leaders Make

    Do you want to be the type of leader who makes a great impression the first time you meet someone? Would you like to have loyal followers because they like you and trust you? If so, stick with me for the rest of this article. The majority of my readers are church leaders: pastors, church staff, and ...

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    Who Do You Say That I Am?

    CBMC International Annual Report for 2014 - JESUS CHRIST + THE MARKETPLACE = CBMC - In one of his parables, Jesus declared that the kingdom of God is like a grain of mustard seed that grows to become a tree “larger than all the garden plants” (Mark 8:30-32). Today, we live in a time when Jesus’ wo ...

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Economics of Good and EvilEconomics Of Good And Evil -
Tomas Sedlacek

In addition to his economics expertise and policy experience, Tomáš is a practicing marketplace Christian who is not afraid to challenge public thinking about economic and social government policy. He wrote this book "to show that there is a much broader and fascinating story of economics than its mathematical perception."


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